Barack or The Rock?

4 04 2008

Upon recently watching the movie “Walking Tall” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and seeing a news excerpt of Barack O’bama shortly after I came to an eerie realization. Now I was, at first, not able to base this on any fact other than simple voice recognition; but after more research I believe that Barack O’bama is The Rock, he simply puts on a suit of muscle much like the one Weird Al Yankovic dawns here:


If you need more proof, play these videos with your eyes closed and try to decipher if it is Barack or The Rock:

This would also explain why their names so closely resemble each other. Barack O’bama became used to responding to the name Barack, so instead of learning to respond to an entirely new name when he became a professional wrestler he instead chose the name “The Rock” to avoid confusion.

Need more proof? Barack O’bama became very popular after a speech delivered at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he became known for his oratory skills and was said to have amazing charisma. The Rock had delivered a speech just two years earlier at the Republican National Convention and was commonly referred to as “The People’s Champion” throughout his wrestling career due to the ecstatic states of his crowds. The Rock also recieved A’s in his Speech Communications classes in college.

Barack O’bama spent the early part of his life in Honolulu, Hawaii and spent ages 6-10 living in Indonesia. The Rock is of Samoan decent and spent a brief period of his life with his mother experiencing Polynesian culture in the south Pacific.

The Rock spent part of his wrestling career with a group of thugs named “The Nation of Domination.” Barack O’bama is a United States senator.

Barack O’bama discussed ways to help families after the hurricane. The Rock donated $1 million to the Miami Hurricanes football program.

Barack O’bama is setting records for money raised in his very first presidential campaign. The Rock is mentioned in the Guiness Book of World Records as having the highest salary as an actor in their first starring role.

In 2007 Barack O’bama detailed his gameplan for fighting global terrorism. That same year The Rock starred in a movie aptly named “The Gameplan.”

The title of Barack O’bama’s most recent book is “The Audacity of Hope.” In The Rock’s movie “The Rundown” he and Sean William Scott are looking for a sculpture that Rosario Dawson’s character says will bring hope to a village.

These comparisons are stunning and I hope that I have opened your eyes to the truth behind this presidential candidate. I am not writing this article to show my approval or disapproval for this presidential candidate but i would feel guilty if I had kept this astonishing revelation to myself any longer.




2 responses

4 04 2008

I’m speechless.

15 04 2008
Steve Kirk

Astounding similarities, I must say. Both men also seem to have an amazing ability to play to an audience made up primarily of adolescents, media flacks and political groupies of both parties.

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