Toughest Jobs

30 07 2008

Here is a compilation I have made of some jobs that I think would be extremely difficult to do. They are not neccessarily the most physically demanding but they are the jobs that I feel like I would cry myself tonight everynight if I had to do. Next time you start to hate your job remember this and be thankful: Read the rest of this entry »


Marketing Magic

10 07 2008

Today, I just saw possibly the most ingenious use of wording to market a product. I saw a commercial for the “Magic Jack.” This product claims to allow you to plug the Magic Jack into your computer, plug your home phone into the Magic Jack and make calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Then comes the beautiful phraseology and I quote: “When you buy the Magic Jack you are able to make free local and long distance calls for only $19.95 a year!” Now, maybe I don’t completely understand the concept of something being “free.” I was under the impression that free would mean I would not have to pay any money. At first I thought this was the most absurd phrase I had ever heard but after a minute the genius of it began to become evident. Next time you go into ask your boss for a raise at work simply tell him/her: “I am going to make a great offer, pay me 10% more per year and I will work here for free!” Now that I think about it, I am getting free cable and internet for only $53 a month. The Magic Jack has opened my eyes, I now realize that I am getting virtually everything I own for free.