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11 09 2008

I am saddened to inform fans of my poetry that I have received the following email from poetry.com concerning “Ode to a Fart:”

Dear Tyler, Thank you for your submission to the International Open Amateur Poetry Competition. Unfortunately, after careful review of your contest entry, I am sorry to inform you that your poem “Ode To A Fart” was not chosen for publication and is no longer eligible for contest prizes. We understand that poetry is a form of artistic expression and that it is not always understood by those who read it. Therefore, we are asking you to send us another example of your writing.

Here are a few tips our editors give when reviewing poetry:

  • Establish a specific writing style (i.e. rhymed verse, blank verse, etc.)
  • Establish a meter and follow it consistently throughout the poem
    (i.e. iambic pentameter)
  • Use poetic elements
    (i.e. metaphor, simile, alliteration, assonance, consonance, etc.)
  • Avoid using clichés
  • Be original

Say what you want about my poetry but to say it is cliche or unoriginal is wrong. (Also, I think a poem about farts has plenty of assonance poetry.com!) Anyway, they asked for another submission of my work and I received the following:

Dear Tyler,

Thank you for submitting “Pants.” Your poetry is now being reviewed by our editorial staff for acceptance into the International Library of Poetry and Poetry.com’s Open Amateur Poetry Contest, as well as the Poets Choice: Rate My Poem Contest.




One response

1 10 2008
Clare Tanner

Tyler, if you want to post your “Farts” poem in our competition then you are more than welcome!

Performance and Written in the Bookhabit Poetry Competition. US$2600 of prizes, free entry. All categories, ages and countries. There is a performance section, and all you need to do is link to your youtube video. Visit Bookhabit Poetry Competition 50 entries through to Round 2 each week so enter now.

Good luck!
Clare (from Bookhabit.com)

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