Lyrics I Misunderstood

11 01 2009

We all misunderstand lyrics from time to time and often sing them for years not knowing our mistakes. Here are a few of the mistakes I have made while trying to interpret lyrics:

CCR – Down on the Corner
Words I thought I heard: “Down on the corner, Audi in the street”
Actual words: “Down on the corner, out here in the street”
I thought John Fogarty was down on the corner of a nice suburban neighborhood.

Bruce Springsteen – The Rising
Words I thought I heard: “I wear the cross on my colon”
Actual words: “Wearing the cross of my calling”
I thought that “The Rising” possibly was referring to a prostate examination Bruce had recently undergone.

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Words I thought I heard: “She’s Nietzsche fed”
Actual words: “She sees me to bed”
I thought this was possibly the first mention of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in punk rock music, I should have known better.

Elton John – Bennie and the Jets
Words I thought I heard: “She’s got electric boobs”
Actual words: “She’s got electric boots”
I think mine makes the preceding line “they’re weird and wonderful” make a whole lot more sense.




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