Books I Would Like To See Written

26 01 2009
  1. A Tail of Two Kitties- The story of 2 Siamese kittens chasing their single tail. It was the best of times, but when the cats went in opposite directions, it was the worst of times.
  2. The Tardy Boys- The story of 2 consistently late detectives, showing up just as the crime is solved
  3. Left Behind 27: Dude, I Slept Through The Apocalypse
  4. To Kill Two Mockingbirds With One Stone- A southern attorney learns to become more efficient.
  5. Hairy Potter- A moment-to-moment account of Robin Williams trying to make a clay vase.
  6. The Art of War: As Told by Dr. Seuss (or Dr. Tzuess)
  7. Lord of the Zipper Flies- The memior of the tailor who made Reuben Studdards pants.
  8. The Cowardly Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe- Oz takes on Narnia. Spoiler Alert: The Cowardly Lion gets courage from the Wizard and goes Mane to Mane with Asland!
  9. The Slightly Below Average Gatsby- An underachieving brother of a millionaire is continually fired from low level jobs, because not everyone will grow up to be great.



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