Infidelity and Flap Jacks

27 01 2010

When I spend time on the treadmill at the gym there is a multitude of daytime television options for me to view on the wall of flat screen televisions. Most are boring reruns of soap operas or pointless debates on Judge Joe Brown. However, there is the lucky occasion where Maury Povich is broadcast to entertain us as we run. (Side note: isn’t it weird how we can laugh at how stupid a hamster is for running on a wheel for so long and then we will go to the gym to run on a treadmill with the exact same look on our face as the hamster?) It should be noted here that I did not have my headphones plugged into the mechanism that would allow me to listen to the Maury broadcast, but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this instance, I am not sure I wanted to hear what was going on during the show. The title of this episode was “Sex Decoys and Lie Detectors.” At the point that I looked at the screen I saw a woman in tears a then a few shots of her husband in low lighting, followed by Maury poking, prodding and taunting the weeping woman with a spatula. The woman was crying and holding her head while Maury smiled and seemed to gesture some sort of lifting and flipping motion. At this point I was so excited I was sprinting. When the man came out the woman slapped him across the face and Maury seemed to scold him while keeping the spatula in hand. I am not sure whether the spatula was used while the man was cheating on his wife or if Maury had just finished with a cooking segment and had forgotten to put the spatula down. Nevertheless, that was the fastest twenty minutes I have spent on a treadmill.