Dr. Oz Examines Himself?

12 02 2010

At the gym yesterday. while I was changing in the locker room Dr. Oz was on right above me and I was only  halfheartedly listening to the beginning of Dr. Oz’s show as he was teasing the audience with what was coming up on this episode of Dr. Oz. The scrub laden Dr. Oz had a assembled an audience entirely composed of men, a rarity for his show. He would be giving all sorts of advice to men including how to fend off heart disease and various erogenous zones. I am not sure exactly what kind of specialty you need to be an expert in all of these areas but I digress. Anyway, the final, and based on his reaction the most exciting portion for Dr. Oz, was for the first time on television they would broadcast a live prostate exam. This exclamation was followed by video of a man wincing as Dr. Oz stood behind him gesturing to the audience. Evidently, enticing lead ins are not taught in medical school. I am hard-pressed to think of a time when I would be giddy to watch someone get a prostate exam on television, I am, however, sure that I do not want to watch prostate exams while I am in the buff, bent over putting my pants on.




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