Growing Up

1 04 2010

There are a few things that happen to us when we grow up. Our tastes change, you never hear a child complain because something is “too sweet.” When you are a kid you cannot get enough sugar: candy, ice cream, cake; when I was a kid I even had friends who would eat pure cane sugar out of the little packets on restaurant tables. By the time you become an adult this type of behavior disgusts you, and by the time you get into your senior years you are watering down your fruit juices.

When you are a kid, cartoons make perfect sense. Nonsense creatures with names impossible to pronounce prancing around and singing bizarre songs, this is entertaining to children. By the time you grow up it takes your full attention to follow an episode of LOST. When you are a little kid Family Circus cartoons are funny, then they are not funny for about twenty years, but once you reach middle age the Family Circus cartoons become funny again.

Somethings, however, stay the same. For instance, when you are young you are very concerned about fitting in. Young people want to be normal, when you get older you are very concerned about staying regular. In order to fit in you will buy anything you need be normal. When you are old you buy anything you can to keep yourself regular.

You spend your entire childhood dreaming of what you will be when you grow up, and when you get old you spend your time reminiscing about when you were young. Growing up is no fun.




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