The Masked Smoker

14 05 2010

I was driving through town earlier today and I saw a man sitting outside of a building smoking, this in and of itself is not peculiar. What caught my attention was that the man had on a surgical mask. Originally, I found it ironic that this health care professional was sitting outside smoking. But, upon further inspection I realized was not near a hospital or medical office; so the only logical explanation was that this man was trying to protect himself from something in the air. I then started to think what is in our air that scares this man so much that the only way he will reveal his face and take an unprotected breath is if that breath is full of carcinogens and poisons.

Of course, it may not be something pre-existing in the air, perhaps this man is trying to enjoy a cigarette without experiencing the harsh side effects of second hand smoke. They say second hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking is, thus, by wearing a surgical mask between puffs this man has reduced the danger of cigarettes by 50%. A man that at first seemed to be an ignorant dufus may well be revolutionizing a safer way of smoking cigarettes. Smoking jackets could soon be replaced by smoking masks.

Regardless of this man’s reasons for his smoking wardrobe he caused me enough unrest about the atmosphere to roll up the windows on my car.




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