The Story of a Blessing

5 08 2010

He was born ten months premature, and widely referred to as a miracle beyond science. His parents decided to name him Blessing, and they gave thanks for their small Blessing. His father was always skeptical about his conception and never fully embraced the child as his own. He was the youngest of 12 children and his parents were constantly struggling to keep up with all of them. Blessing grew up like any normal child until age 10, when his family visited the zoo. They spent the entire day roaming to zoo and corralling the children. Upon arriving home, Blessing’s parents called all of the children to the family room, that is when Blessing’s mother realized she had only returned with 11 children. When she brought the situation to her husband’s attention he asked “are you sure, did you make sure to count YOUR Blessing?” He asked sarcastically.

His mother drove frantically back to the zoo and asked the first employee she found the whereabouts of her child. “Do you have my Blessing?” She inquired. She sprinted through the zoo until she stumbled upon a startling sight. She looked in the lion’s cage and saw her youngest son, dawning a fake mane and lion outfit from the gift shop. She was concerned but relieved when she had finally found her Blessing in disguise. The mother instinctively cried out to the leader of the pride: “you have my Blessing.” The boy was returned to his mother and once again euphoric to have received her Blessing.