About This Site

This blog is designed to build a relationship with readers. Here is how this relationship will ideally go:

You will find this blog, maybe through a search engine or maybe you made eye contact with this blog discreetly from across a darkened room. You will come back and visit this blog in a few days and realize that you and this blog have a very strong chemistry. You will study this blog and learn everything about it, you will grow to love this blog and visit it constantly. Maybe it moves into your homepage and you live together.

You and this blog will have a great time together until this blog discovers that you have been seeing new, younger, and sexier blogs. This blog will grow jealous and you will leave this blog. Then, after the dust settles you will maybe have a drink and accidentally visit this blog. Then you will be overwhelmed by all of these feelings rushing back and you will rekindle you relationship with this blog.

You have already visited this blog so be ready for the most emotionally intense relationship with a blog you will ever have.


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