Ode to a Fart

You start as aerophagia, the swallowing of air
or from beans with riddles providing buyer’s beware
raffinose, sorbitol, lactose and fructose alike
cause frightful expulsions in the smallest of tykes.

The feeble and weak, released with a belch or a burp
but you my friend shan’t be released with such a small chirp
your mission is bigger and fouler of smell
many will know you when you are expelled

You are certainly one of the luckiest few
the large intestine is now the holding cell for you
trace amounts of sulfur will create your nasal flavor
collect as much as you can to cause maximal disfavor

you’re nearing the end now, not far to go
you’ve waited and waited, it’s your time to blow
you’re being held in, due to social pressure
do your job well and they’ll need an air freshener

your trip has been long and harsh i know
through the dark and howling depths below
but follow the tunnel into the light
released with a poof, and a sense of delight


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