Meeting of my Mind

18 11 2010

I was standing in the grocery store trying to picture what it would be like to not have an imagination. I looked over to say something to my existentialist real estate agent, he sold real estate but the estates were only real to him. I was distracted and my mind started to wander while I was keeping an open mind, and when I turned back around I had lost my mind. I turned to the real estate agent and said, “I lost my mind.” He asked me “where was the last place you put it?” I tried to think about it but I was coming up blank, because my mind was gone.

I tried to use my subconscious to figure out where my conscious mind was, but I ended up just getting very self-conscience because I could not longer distinguish between right and wrong since my conscious had taken my conscience with it. All of that would have confused me but I didn’t have a brain at the time to get confused.

Lucky for me I, when I was a child I had an irrational paranoia that the CIA had not put a computer chip in my brain and I was afraid to jog my memory for fear that it would run away. In order to calm my fears, my therapist put a tracking device in my head. Using a GPS I was able to find brain, a wind had caught my brain and I had to climb up on my roof and get my mind out of the gutter. After the reverse lobotomy I was back in my right mind. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, don’t let yours wander unless you are keeping a close eye on it. But, if you do lose your mind, take the opportunity to pick someone else’s brain for a little bit.