The Case for Carnivores

6 10 2010

There are people out there who will have you believe that being a carnivore is inhumane in today’s day and age because of the gruesome ways that animals are killed and prepared for eating. But I am here to tell you, that vegetarians are as vicious, if not more, than meat eaters.

Meat eaters make no bones about the fact that they love to eat off of the bones of animals. They have no problem discarding animal carcasses after they have picked the body clean of meat. It is the hypocrisy of vegetarians that is most bothersome. They accuse meat eaters of killing innocent animals just for an 8-ounce filet. But think about this: vegetarians kill innocent plants everyday. They say that these plants are grown for food, but I challenge a vegetarian to give an example of something beneficial cows would do if not harvested for happy meals. Cows are bred for steaks and yeast is bred for bread. Vegetarians eat the heads of lettuce, the hearts of artichokes, ears of corn, kidney beans, and crushed nuts. They eat baby carrots and baby spinach, plants that are never even given the chance live as full-grown plants, at least carnivores have the decency to use the word veal, not baby cow. You tell me which eating philosophy sounds more gruesome and inhumane!


Brisket Brawl

28 06 2008

I was shopping at Kroger a few days ago, wandering through the store around 10:45 am eastern standard time, as this is when the “manger’s specials” are put out. Basically, these are the foods that are within a day or two of the expiration date and are half priced. As I sat gandering through the discounted poultry, I began to hear two women having a discussion over a few of the beef products. They were sorting through the beef tossing the more expensive pieces aside like they were… a piece of meat. They, like I, were after the deals. At this point I realized that both of these women had eyed the same 3 pound beef brisket selling for $2.00. Read the rest of this entry »